Are You A Curvy Woman? These 6 Tips Are Important To Your Style

Style Tips For Curvy Women

Style Tips For Curvy Women

Curvy women do not have anything to worry about- all they need to do is ensure they follow all the right fashion tips to ensure they always look their ultimate best.

Not to worry, we have compiled a list below of some important fashion tips curvy women need to pay more attention to.

1. Invest in good underwear

A plus sized woman should always have good underwear. This is because they need more support than the average woman. Nothing is worse than having the perfect outfit but not having the right underwear to pull it off.

2. Do not try to hide  your curves

The biggest mistake that many women make is to try to hide their curves under oversize and large clothes. Wrong! This is the perfect way to actually make your body look much heavier and larger!

Showing off your feminine shape and curves is a much better solution, but be careful not too exaggerate in the other sense now.

Also really clingy and body-hugging clothes will have the effect of enlarging your shape and underline each and every small flaw of your body.

These 6 Tips Will Help You Get The Curvy Body You’ve Always Wanted

You should always choose well-fitted and tailored clothes for you, especially that enhance your small waist and fit a bit more loosely in other parts of the body.

So, go for fitted button-up shirts, tailored blazers and flared skirts to always be sure to look gorgeous


3. Buy clothes that flatter your specific shape

Not all curvy girls are the same. Maybe you’re a triangle or an hourglass, a diamond or an oval, a figure eight or inverted triangle. Whatever your shape, this handy guide can help you find styles that flatter.

4. Use accessories to make a statement

Go for big, bold, chunky accessories – earrings, necklaces, handbag, shoes, belts, bracelets/bangles; though we’re not suggesting all at once!

Layer your jewellery – wear a number of necklaces or bangles/bracelets at one time; this is a great look. Just make sure the necklaces are complementary to one another – colour, styles. Or opt for one big statement piece.

5. Try to avoid high necklines

Try to avoid high necklines, but prefer V-necks that will have the effect of elongating your silhouette and flattering your figure.

Here goes the saying that “if you have them, flaunt them” but don’t exaggerate as the risk is to look a bit vulgar.

In alternative to the the V-neck, also the scoop neck will look perfect and will be more suitable for the daytime.

6. Use belts more

A waist belt should always be present in each and every outfit you wear. It can do miracles in making you look slimmer by enhancing the smallest part of your body: the waist.

Plus it will also add definition to your curves.
Choose it quite wide and wear it with tops and dresses alike for a great flattering effect that will make all the difference in your look


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