4 Post-Pregnancy Sex Positions That Will Ease Your Return To Sex


They say everything changes when you have a baby—and that definitely includes your sex life. What worked for you before having a baby might be very different after giving birth.

It can be a little intimidating to get your groove back in the sack. This is because new moms experience a host of changes post-delivery. For a vaginal delivery, it typically takes about six weeks to heal. This means you’re out of the sex game for a while.

Additionally, breastfeeding moms might experience vaginal tenderness and dryness, which may alter what you find enjoyable during sexual play.

What do all these changes mean? Your go-to position might not get the job done anymore. Once you’ve been cleared by your doctor to engage in penetrative intercourse, you can begin to experiment with positions.

A woman has to try out the position that she enjoys to find out what’s best for her. Here are 5 sex positions recommended by the experts.


Choosing any woman-on-top position — including the cowgirl, the seated scissors or reverse missionary — means that your partner can control insertion, depth, speed and clitoral stimulation. By taking control of all of this, the woman can ease herself into intercourse in a way that literally makes her the most comfortable.

5 Of The Best Sex Positions, That Is Conducive For Pregnant Women


Spooning can also be a wonderful position because it is intimate, not very deep-penetrating, and your partner is laying behind you. Your partner can reach around and stimulate your clit in this position.

3. From-behind

Doggy-style, the happy scissors, bent over a counter, the frisky flip: Any from-behind, rear-entry sex position will do.

Sometimes fatigue may plague the new mom, so getting on top may not be the number one choice. In these instances, rear-entry positions may work nicely. , However, if you have had any perineum tearing, this position may not be comfortable.

4. Missionary

Missionary position is a popular choice due to its extremely intimate face-to-face positioning, clitoral rubbing, which can aid in orgasm and normal penetration depth.



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