Mixed Colored Braid Hairstyles Are Still A Thing And Here’s How To Get In On The Trend


Ombre braids or two color braids as some like to call it are still very trendy. This is not a hairstyle limited to celebrities or people who like to experiment. It is a hairstyle every woman can rock.

It’s up to use to decide if you want loud colors or softer colors that do not call attention. Two color attachment is readily available in the beauty market or you could buy two different attachments and have your hairstylist do the mixing for you.

Whichever way you choose you’ll definitely look good. Here are some of the latest two-toned braids we’ve seen online recently.

1. Grey and Black Braids always work

2. Burgundy and black is cool as well

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3. These blue braids look great too

4. Pink is really lovely too

5. Green braids are great for women who are edgy

6. Another green one you might love

7. Purple and black looks heavenly

8. Pink and red, who would have thought?

9. Blonde braids are so beautiful



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